Ludlow St. Journal


The Ludlow Street Journal is the official student newspaper of Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. All articles are written and edited by members of the Digital Productions class, and uphold the traditions of the Society of Mary and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  The purpose of The Ludlow Street Journal is to inform and entertain the CJ community.

As CJ has moved to Chromebooks for all students and away from a strict reliance on paper, the school staff and administration determined that the Ludlow St Journal should move towards the future and begin to produce an online, rather than print, newspaper.  The changing world of news media in recent years has indicated that online news is the way of the future.   Therefore, in order to better teach the skill set that will be need for years to come, was created.

The staff is committed to accuracy and strives to avoid bias and libel.  The opinions expressed in The Ludlow Street Journal are not necessarily the opinions of the administration, faculty, and staff of Chaminade Julienne.

As a newspaper made for and by the students, The Ludlow Street Journal welcomes guest articles and letters to the editor; however, they become the property of the staff and are subject to editing for length, grammar, and content.  All guest writings should be signed and submitted electronically to the advisor, Dan Eiser at [email protected]